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Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a supervisory board of the CRU consisting of various stakeholders related to land use and natural resources management in Indonesia. The TAC will provide recommendations for the CRU work plan with regards to the prioritization and the implementation of activities, making sure that they are in accordance with the CRU vision, mission, and core values.

Agung Wiyono

Agung Wiyono is the Head of the Social and Security Division at Sinar Mas Forestry. Previously he served as Global Team Leader for Social and Community at The Forest Trust (TFT). He is the co-founder of the Centre of Social Excellence (CSE), which is an initiative from TFT for building the capacity of stakeholders in natural resource management. He has extensive experience in conflict resolution, community engagement and collaborative forest management.

He will bring the private sectors’ perspective to the design of conflict mediation processes, and will be able to provide insights into how conflict mediation can be integrated into companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Source: Agung Wiyono’s CV

Ahmad Zazali

Ahmad Zazali is the Executive Director of the Impartial Mediator Network (IMN). He is a professional mediator who often deals with conflicts related to land use and natural resource management. He is also an experienced trainer for conflict resolution and mediation.

He will ensure that the CRU provides the most effective and efficient support for mediation processes in accordance with best practices.

Source : http://imenetwork.org/

Ichsan Malik

Ichsan Malik is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Indonesia and is a leading practitioner in management, mediation and conflict resolution. He was one of the founders of Institut Titian Perdamaian, an NGO that promotes peace in Indonesia.

With his experience in Maluku and Poso, and expertise in conflict resolution, he will help ensure that the CRU’s work plan and activities will provide effective support for conflict mediation processes.

Source: http://www.samdhana.org/index.php/detail-fellows/15

Kamala Chandrakirana

Kamala Chandrakirana is an activist in environmental, social and gender issues. She was the Secretary General for the National Commission on Violence against Women in 1998, and Chairwoman of the Commission for the period 2004-2009.

With her experience in building the independent National Commission on Violence against Women, she will help guide the CRU in its efforts to become the leading independent service provider for conflict mediation in Indonesia.

Source: http://profil.merdeka.com/indonesia/k/kamala-chandrakirana/

Larry Fisher

Larry Fisher is a research Professor at the University of Arizona's School of Natural Resources Management and the Environment. He was Senior Program Manager at the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution for 10 years. He has over 40 years experience of conflict resolution in Indonesia, and is fluent in Indonesian.

His experience in the resolution of environmental conflicts will be a valuable guide for the CRU in ensuring the implementation of mediation processes are according to best practices.

Source : https://snre.arizona.edu/people/larry-fisher

Nurdiana Darus

Nurdiana Darus is the Director for Southeast Asia, Rainforest Alliance, and has almost 20 years experience in strategic management and program implementation. Most recently she served as the Executive Director of Indonesia Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP) where she worked with more than 30 partners, government officials and international stakeholders in implementing ambitious commitments to sustainable palm oil production and sourcing. In this role, Nurdiana also worked to greatly increase engagement of smallholder farms, local communities and indigenous people throughout Indonesia.

She also has experience in the forestry, oil and gas, mining and automotive sectors, as well as the banking industry in several countries. Nurdiana’s presence in the TAC will ensure good collaboration between the CRU and all stakeholders in the resolution of natural resources management conflicts.

Source : http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/bios/nurdiana-darus

Petra Meekers

Petra Meekers is the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development at PT Musim Mas. She has actively contributed to ongoing initiatives in the agricultural sector, such as biofuels, as well as projects focusing on climate change.

She will bring her insights into how conflict mediation can be integrated into companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Source: http://www.landscapes.org/glf-2015/speaker/petra-meekers/

Rehngena Purba

Rehngena Purba is one of the founders of Madyasta Dispute Resolution. She is a former Chief Justice (2003 – 2012), and is a Professor at the University of North Sumatra. She has published several papers related to the conflict in Tanah Karo, Customary Law and Communal Land.

With her expertise in customary law, she will be able to guide the CRU in the mediation of conflicts involving indigenous peoples.

Source: http://profil.merdeka.com/indonesia/r/rehgena-purba/

Rezal Kusumaatmadja

Rezal Kusumaatmadja is the Chief Operating Officer of PT Rimba Makmur Utama. He has over 15 years experience related to natural resource management, community planning, forest conservation and sustainable forest management. He also serves as an Advisor on the Business Support Desk at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN).

As a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, he will provide input for the CRU work plan, to ensure collaboration and coordination with various stakeholders around conflict mediation.

Source: www.katinganproject.com/about-us/who-we-are/rezal-kusumaatmadja

Tiur Rumondang

Tiur Rumondang is the Director of Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Indonesia. Before joining RSPO, she was the Executive Director of the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (2012-2015). She has worked for several Indonesian enterprises dealing with developments in border areas and was one of Indonesia's Directors for the Brunei - Indonesia - Malaysia - Philippines East Asian Growth Area (BIMP - EAGA).

With the commitment of RSPO members to improve their conflict management and resolution processes, she will ensure close collaboration between RSPO member companies and the CRU.

Source: http://www.landscapes.org/glf-2015/speaker/tiur-rumondang/

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