Assessment and Design

The CRU offers services to design the processes of assessment and mediation.

  1. Process design
    The CRU provides a framework and process design for conflict resolution which covers:
    (i) Consultation and negotiation processes;
    (ii) Case assessment;
    (iii) Mediation process; and
    (iv) Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the agreement reached through the mediation process.

  2. Assessment
    If a conflict is considered eligible to be resolved through mediation, and all parties involved have agreed, the first step is to conduct a conflict assessment. During the assessment process, the CRU provides the following services:
    (i) Select assessor(s) to ensure the most suitable and experienced assessor(s) is chosen and agreed to by all parties. The CRU will design Terms of Reference (ToR) for the assessor, conduct selection of the assessor and recommend candidates for all parties involved in the conflict;
    (ii) Conduct monitoring and evaluation of the assessment process to ensure that its execution meets best practice standards; and
    (iii) Facilitate the announcements of the assessment results and any recommended next steps.

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